XScale Customer Specific Designs
Intel Storage Community MemberCyclone Microsystems is a member of the Intel Storage Commmunity, a network of technology providers that can rapidly turn design concepts into products. Since Intel’s earliest I/O processors, the 80960 family, leading up to today’s 80331 and 80332, we have designed and produced over 95 Intel-based Intelligent I/O designs. These have been Cyclone Microsystem's standard product offerings, Intel reference boards and customer-specific products.

Cyclone Microsystems extensive design expertise and standard product offerings with the XScale Microarchitecture makes us an ideal design/build partner for your next project.

Our customers deploy our products into advanced telecommunications systems, video-on-demand servers, contraband detection, and federal programs. The common denominator between all our customers is their need to simultaneously move and process torrents of data. For many of our customers, we function as an external, but closely linked, I/O hardware product arm, working closely with them on system architecture, product specification, development, production, regulatory compliance, and configuration management.

While we are not a classical design-for-hire company, we specialize in leveraging our existing designs and design expertise to specific applications, and then seeing the product through to production and deployment. Our value equation is simple: the distance to any goal depends on where you start and your execution on the balance. We welcome you to “start” with any of our existing XScale products, mark up the specifications with your unique requirements, and send it to us. We believe that you will be satisfied how effectively we can leverage 19 years of expertise to put your ideas into action.


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