Embedded Systems

Many system developers require complete system platforms to launch innovative products. From VoIP to SS-7 Gateways, Cyclone Microsystems develops and produces complex embedded systems for demanding applications.

Customer Specific Embedded Systems
Cyclone is actively involved in integrating and shipping complete turnkey systems for many customers. Systems are applied toward demanding embedded applications ranging from VoIP Network Address Translation systems to SS-7 Communications Gateways.

For one telecommunications equipment vendor, Cyclone Microsystems has deployed our board level Compact PCI based communications processors in a NEBS Level III certified telecommunications systems. These SS-7 gateways have been deployed around with world as a critical component of AIN and Diameter services for both wireline and cellular networks. Our systems are currently installed in the world's most advanced networks including those of AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, Qwest, Virgin Mobile, Cox. Internationally, they are deployed in Brazil, India, Israel, Norway, Belgium, Switzerland, Taiwan, and Canada.

Cyclone's role in this particular system includes architectural specification, hardware development, firmware development, system integration, regulatory compliance to NEBS Level III standards, inventory management, rapid sparing programs, and lifecycle support.

As another example of our embedded systems capabilities, we developed and deployed a PICMG 1.3 PCI Express based systems with sixteen PCI Express slots to aggregate a large density of our Programmable Network Adapters into an single embedded system. We were challenged by high I/O data flows and processing which required PoC development, fine tuning, rapid development and production.

Every embedded system program has unique technical and programmatic challenges. Cyclone Microsystems excels at leveraging our proven expertise toward solving tough system challenges.

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