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  • 80331 XScale T Microarchitecture
    • 667 MHz Processor Core Speed
    • XOR and CRC32C Application Accelerator
    • Two Channel DMA Controller
    • Two Programmable 32-bit Timers and Watchdog Timer
  • DDR SDRAM at 333 MHz
    • soDIMM Module
    • 256 Mbytes to 1 Gbyte
  • 64-bit Compact PCI Peripheral Interface
    • PCI-X or PCI
    • 33, 66 or 100MHz
    • Universal Signaling
    • Hot Swap
    • Two DMA Channels
    • Mail Box and Doorbell Registers
  • 64-bit Local PCI-X bus
    • 100MHz
    • 3.3 V Signaling
  • Two PMC Modules Locations
    • PCI-X or PCI
    • 33, 66, or 100 MHz
    • 3.3 V Signaling
  • 8 Mbytes Flash ROM
  • Serial Console Port
  • Breeze Development Environment T
  • Board Support Packages for:
    • Tornado /VxWorks
    • TimeSys Linux
  • CPCI-713 PDF Data Sheet

CPCI 713

CPCI 713

The CPCI-713 is a high-performance CompactPCI Intelligent I/O Controller that expands system performance in advanced embedded systems such as telecom servers, computer telephony, video networking and other high-speed LAN/WAN applications.

80331 Intel XScale T Processor
A key element of the CPCI-713 design is Intel's 80331 XScale Microarchitecture which operates at a core processing speed of up to 667 MHz. With low power consumption and integrated high-speed data buses, the 80331 enables the CPCI-713 to be an effective and efficient Intelligent I/O Controller.

Optimized Data Movement Architecture
A key element in the CPCI-713 is Cyclone Microsystems' triple-bus architecture design. As shown in the block diagram, the architecture greatly increases data movement capabilities by allowing both primary and secondary PCI busses to transfer data simultaneously to memory without choking the main memory bus. The triple bus architecture eliminates the data bottlenecks associated with dual bus architectures.

The CPCI-713 optimally balances the new Intel XScale Microarchitecture with a strong data movement architecture that enables both higher I/O throughput and increased I/O processing power for your embedded applications. With two PMC Module locations for I/O connectivity, the CPCI-713 offers a flexible development and production environment for embedded applications.

Hot Swap
The CPCI-713 is Full Hot Swap compliant with the PICMG 2.1 R2.0 Specification. As a result of the new Hot Swap revision, the CPCI-713 supports Universal Signaling on its 64-bit CompactPCI bus interface enabling 100 MHz operation.

Board Support Packages
Cyclone adds value to Tornado/VxWorks and TimeSys Linux development environments by providing board support packages and technical support that link the operating system with Cyclone's hardware.

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