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  • Intel 80331 XScale Microarchitecture
    • CPU Core speed of 667 MHz
    • Integrated 133 MHz PCI-X Bridge
    • Two Channel DMA Controllers with Scatter/Gather Support
    • RAID 5 XOR and CRC32C Engine
  • DDR 333 SDRAM
    • Up to 1 Gbyte
    • Dual Ported to Processor and Internal PCI-X Bus
  • Primary PCI-X Bus
    • Supports 133 MHz/64bit operation
  • Secondary PCI-X Bus
    • 133 MHz/64bit
  • Dual Ethernet Controller
    • Supports either two copper (1000baseT) or two Fiber Optic (1000baseSx/1000baseLx) Ports
  • Up to 16 Mbytes of FLASH
  • Serial Console Port
  • Board Support Packages
  • PCI-X 740 PDF Data Sheet



The PCI-X 740 is an Intelligent GbE Controller used in embedded and real time systems to help offload the system's host processor of LAN protocol, security, and monitoring functions.

The PCI-X 740 features Intel's new XScale 80331 with 667 MHz ARM Core, PCI-X Bridge, and support for 333 MHz DDR SDRAM. The PCI-X 740 two Gigabit Ethernet port configured as copper (Tx) or fiber optic (Sx/Lx). The PCI-740 is supported by VxWorks with a high performance Zero-Copy TCP Stack, TimeSys Linux, and Cyclone's Breeze Development Environment.

Technical Specifications

  Microprocessor: Intel XScale 80331 at 667 MHz
  On-chip Cache (I/D): 32 Kbyte, 32 way, set associative

  Memory Capacity: 256 Mbytes, 512 Mbytes, or 1 Gbyte
  Architecture: Synchronous Double Data Rate (DDR SDRAM) with optional ECC
  Performance: 333 MHz
  Flash: 4, 8 or 16 Mybtes

PCI-X Interface
  PCI 2.2 (up to 64 bit, 133 MHz) +3V Signaling

Asynchronous Serial Port
  Controller: 16C550 UART
  Speed: 300 to 115,200 bps
  Connector: RJ-11, on top edge of board

Ethernet Interface
  Controller: 82546GC Dual Gigabit Ethernet Controller with Integrated PHY
  Interface Speed: 1000Base-T/100Base-T/ 10Base-T Auto Negotiable
  Connectors: 1000Base Tx-Dual RJ-45, CAT 5 UTP or 1000Base-Fx - Dual SFP
  LEDs: Activity and Link status LEDs for each Ethernet port

  Two Temperature Sensors

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