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  • One Gigabit Ethernet Port
    • 1000BaseTx
    • Speed, duplex and flow control
    • Auto-Negotiation and Link Setup
    • Receive and transmit IP and TCP/UDP checksum off-load capable
    • Packet filtering
  • 80310 Intel XScale Microarchitecture
    • Core Speed 600 MHz
  • 128 to 256 Mbytes SDRAM
    • 100 MHz
  • PCI 2.2 Compliant Primary PCI Interface
    • 64 bit, 66 MHz
    • DMA Controller
  • 8 Mbytes Flash ROM
  • Serial Console Port
  • JTAG Emulator Interface
  • PCI Short Card Form Factor
  • Breeze Development EnvironmentT
  • Board Support Packages for:
    • Tornado/VxWorks
    • TimeSys Linux

PCI 733

The PCI-730 is an Intelligent Gigabit Ethernet Controller that off-loads LAN protocol processing from the host processor. The PCI-730 expands system performance in advanced servers, video networking, voice over IP, embedded systems and other high-speed LAN applications. Tasks such as TCP/IP processing, firewalls, encryption and data compression can be off-loaded from host processors to the Intelligent PCI-730/733 Gigabit Ethernet Controller.

Optimized for I/O processing, the PCI-730 is powered by a 600 MHz 80310 Intel XScale Microarchitecture, 100 MHz SDRAM and dual 66 MHz, 64-bit PCI buses. The high bandwidth architecture opens I/O bottlenecks and provides maximum LAN performance.

In addition, the PCI-730 offers board support package for Tornado / VxWorks and embedded Linux. Cyclone's Breeze Development Environment T is on board to ease the development of embedded application code. With the combination of high bandwidth hardware and software development support, the PCI-730 can be rapidly integrated into demanding network applications.

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