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  • Eight Port Gigabit Ethernet Switch
    • Unmanaged Level 2 Switch
    • Link Aggregation
  • Intel 80200/80310 XScale Microarchitecture
    • 600 MHz Core
  • Gigabit Ethernet Ports
    • Three 1000BaseTx Ports on Front Panel
    • One 1000BaseTx/Fx Port (SFP)on Front Panel
    • Three 1000BaseTx Ports on Top of Board
  • Up to 512 Megabyte of 100 MHz SDRAM
  • Four Mbytes of FLASH ROM
  • Temperature Sensors
  • Console Serial Port
  • PCI Bus Interface
    • 64 bits, 66 MHz
  • Breeze Development Environment


The PCI-737 is an Intelligent Gigabit Ethernet Controller combined with an on-board Gigabit Ethernet switch. The PCI-737 is designed for Gigabit Ethernet aggregation applications; the Gigabit Ethernet switch will combine the data stream from the on-board port with one or two externally connected ports into an aggregated data stream. The aggregated output has the option of a copper (1000BaseT) or fiber optic (1000BaseSx/1000BaseLx) line interface.

The primary (host or card edge) PCI interface is 64-bit data and 66 MHz capable. The PCI-737 will operate correctly in 32-bit and/or 33 MHz PCI slots, but with compromised performance.

The PCI-737 uses the Intel 80310 I/O Processor Chipset with Intel XScale Microarchitecture. The chipset consists of two devices, the Intel 80200 Processor and the Intel 80310 I/O Companion Chip. The 80312 integrates a PCI-to-PCI bridge that supports both 64-bit and 32-bit modes running at up to 66 MHz. The secondary (or local) PCI bus interconnects the backside of the PCI-to-PCI bridge to an Intel 82544 Gigabit Ethernet Controller with integrated PHY. The secondary PCI bus is also 64-bit data and 66 MHz. The 80312 also manages the memory controller functions with up to 512Mbytes of SDRAM (64-bit with ECC) on an SoDIMM module at 100MHz and 4 Mbytes of on board Flash ROM. The 80200 processor also connects to the memory bus and has a private bus interface to the 80312.

The Broadcom BCM5682 Eight Port Gigabit Switch-On-A -Chip performs unmanaged level 2 gigabit ethernet switching plus link aggregation to any port. Two Broadcom BCM5464 Quad-Port 10/100/ 1000Base-T Gigabit Copper Transceivers are used to interface the eight ports on the switch to their Gigabit Ethernet links. Four ports of the switch are intended for the aggregation function. Inputs to the aggregator are the on-board, 82544 based port and two RJ45 connectors on the end panel of the PCI-737. The aggregator output is also at the PCI-737 end panel where there is both an RJ-45 connector for copper links and an SFP (Small Form Factor Pluggable) fiber optic transceiver for connection to fiber based links. The remaining four ports of the switch can be used for general purpose switching. The four ports are routed to four RJ45 connectors are located at the top edge of the PCI-737.

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