600-2900 System:
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    Cyclone Microsystems’ 2900 Communications Gateways provide mission-critical computing capability to global wireless and wire-line communications providers. As a core component of our customer’s service delivery and revenue logging infrastructure, load sharing clusters of 2900s provide continuous, high availability operation with no single point of failure.

    The 2900 has extensive physical interfaces to support both current IP networks as well as legacy circuit switched supporting for T1, E1. The circuit switched interfaces allow the 2900 to also be deployed in legacy SS-7 networks with support for INAP, CAP, WIN and AIN applications.

    Built to stringent NEBS Level III Network Equipment standards and deployed in 170 installations worldwide, Cyclone Microsystems Communications Gateways have helped provide 600 system years of continuous operation without a single service-effecting outage.

  • 600-2900 Block Diagram

    600-2900 Block Diagram

  • Specifications
    • Processors:
      • Freescale PowerPC Dual Core 8572 Processor - Main Processor
      • Freescale PowerQUICC 8568 Processor - Link Processor
    • Memory:
      • Up to Four Gbytes of DDR2 DRAM - Main Processor
      • Up to Two Gbytes of DDR2 DRAM - Link Processor
      • 8 GByte Boot Flash Drive
    • I/O Ports:
      • Four Gbit Ethernet Ports
      • Eight T1/E1 Ports
      • ATM or TDM
      • RJ45 Connectors
      • Dual BITS Clock Inputs
      • Two Serial Console Ports
    • OS Support:
      • VxWorks 6.7, Linux 2.6.31
    • Environmental:
      • Temperature, Fan, and Power Supply Monitoring
    • Redundancy:
      • Hot-Swap AC or DC Power Supplies
      • Field Replaceable, N+1 Fan Configuration
    • Certifications:
      • NEBS Level III, CE, RoHS, Anatel (Brazil)
  • Call: 203.786.5536
    E-mail: information@cyclone.com  

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