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2400 Series FEP (Legacy)

Cyclone Microsystems' Front End Processor (FEPs) systems are a component of a complex telecommunication system integrated by Telcordia, IBM, or Ericsson to provide advanced services to land line and cellular telecommunication service providers. A fault- tolerant configuration of FEPs provide guaranteed communication between the telecommuncatiions switch and back-end database servers. The servers provide subscriber database lookups to support AIN services like Local Number Portability, Prepaid Services, and other server delivery applications.

The 2400 supports multiple IP and Circuit Switched physical interfaces including:

  • Ethernet - M3UA
  • E1

  • T1

  • ATM-E1

  • ATM-T1


     The 2400 Series FEPs are built to NEBs Level III standards and are typically deployed in fault tolerant configurations.





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