PCIe2-2710:PCIe Gen2 Expansion System with Eight, Double-Width Slots
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  • Description

    Cyclone Microsystems' PCIe2-2720 is a 2 U low-profile PCI Express (PCIe) Gen2 Expansion system that supports supports the addition of up to ten low-profile PCI Express I/O cards to a single host computer. Most host computers contain few PCI Express slots making them poorly suited for building complex systems requiring many different I/O boards and co-processor resources. The PCIe2-2720 Expansion System has been designed for applications requiring multiple low-profile x4 and x8 PCIe I/O and co-processing resources.

    The PCIe2-2720 system is composed of three elements: a PCI Express Host Bus-to-Cable Adapter, an Expansion cable, and an Expansion Chassis. After inserting the Host Bus-to-Cable Adapter card into a host computer's x16 PCIe Gen2 slot and connecting the x16 PCIe expansion cable, the PCI host in functionally linked to the expansion chassis at 160 or 80 Gb/s. The expansion chassis can be populated with up to ten  x8 low profile boards.

    The expansion system's architecture uses low latency PCIe Bus repeaters and a non-blocking PCI Express switch for excellent peer-to-peer I/O bandwidth. For host computers with modern BIOSs, the PCIe2-2720 Expansion System is recognized by the host system upon boot-up, requires no hardware specific drivers, and is entirely operating system and host processor independent.

    The PCIe2-2720 is powered by a single 400W AC power supply or daul redundant 420W supplies. The dual power supply option also supports an optional system monitoring board. The slim 2U chassis features a replaceable fan filter, and optional rack mounting and shelf glides.

    Why use a PCI Express Expansion System?






  • PCIe2-462: Ten Slot PCI Expansion Backplane

    • x16 Gen2 Upstream Port (80 Gb/s)
    • Ten x8 PCIe Gen2 Slots (Open-back connectors allow for x16 cards to be up-plugged)
    • RoHs Compliant
    • Regulatory Complicance: UL Safety, FCC, CE Regulatory Certifications (Pending)


    Compatible Gen2 Cable Adapter Sets

    • PCIe2-426/PCIe2-436 x16 Cable Interface or
    • PCIe2-425/PCIe2-439 x8 Cable Interface
    • PCI Express Repeators Minimizing Latency
    • PCI Express Low Profile Card Format
    • Host Processor and Operating System Indepdent
    • RoHs Compliant


    600-R2030 - 2U Low Profile Chassis

    • Physical Dimensions: 2U x 16.7 x 15.6
    • Rack Mountable (Optional)
    • Glide Kit (Optional)
    • 17 lbs Weight
    • Air Filter
    • 3 Fans, 171 CFM Each
    • 400W AC Power Supply or 420W Dual Redundant Power Supply
    • Monitors: Power Supplies, Fans, Instrusion Switch, Temperature
    • Private Label Options (OEM Volumes)


  • PCIe2-2720 Block Diagram

    PCIe2-2720 Block Diagram

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    E-mail: information@cyclone.com  

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