PCIe2-2709:PCIe Gen2 Sixteen Slot Expansion System
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    Cyclone Microsystems' PCIe2-2709 PCI Express Gen2 x16 Expansion System allows system developers to expand one host PCI Express Gen2 slot to sixteen additional PCI Express Gen2 Slots via a Gen2 x16 (80 Gb/s) PCI Express Expansion cable.

    The PCIe2-2709 PCI Gen2 x16 Express Expansion System is a turnkey system which includes a PCIe2-426 Host bus to Expansion Cable Adapter, a x16 expansion cable and the PCIe2-428 sixteen slot expansion backplane mounted in an industrial 19-inch chassis. The system supports expansion cable lengths of either one or three meters.

    The sixteen PCIe slots are configured as four x8 slots and twelve x4 slots. All sixteen slots utilize open back PCIe connectors, allowing for up to x16 boards to be plugged into each slot in a down-plugged configuration. Ample power for multiple GPUs is provided by either 3240W or 2180W N+1 redundant supplies housed in a 5U chassis. For lower-power requirements, a standard 1200W power supply option is available in a 4U chassis. All power supply configurations provide eight 6+2 PCIe power connectors. The 5U chassis provides an additional eight 6-pin PCIe power connectors to meet the additional external power requirements of PCIe Gen2 GPUs and graphics cards.

    All Cyclone Microsystems' expansion systems are host processor, host operating system, and manufacturer agnostic. The sole determination of compatibility is the availability of a x16 slot (either Gen1 or Gen 2) and host computer’s BIOS’s capability to enumerate a large quantity of bridged bus segments. Our Expansion  System's PCIeG2 switch appears as bridged bus segments to the host BIOS.

    The Expansion system is optionally supported by an Intelligent Expansion Chassis Monitor to report temperature, fan speed and power supply parameters via HTTP or SNMP.

  • PCIe2-2709 Block Diagram

    PCIe2-2709 Block Diagram

  • PCIe2-426: PCIe Gen 2 x16 Host Bus to Expansion Cable Adapter

    • PCI Express x16 Host Interface
    • PCI Express Repeators to x16 Cable
    • PCI Express Low Profile Card Format
    • Host Processor and Operating Systems Agnostic


    PCIe2-428/436: Sixteen-Slot PCI Express Expansion Backplane and Cable Adapter

    • x16 Gen2 Upstream Port (80 Gb/s)
    • Sixteen Open-back PCIe Slots (4 x8, 12 x4)
    • ATX and 8 Pin +12V PC Power Connectors
    • RoHs Compliant
    • Regulatory Compliance: UL Safety, FCC, CE Regulatory Certifications (Pending)

    600-R2030 - 5U 19 Inch Rack Mount Chassis

    • 3240 or 2180 Watt N+1 Redundant Power Supply
    • 20 Full Length PCI Express ports
    • Four Hot Swappable 90mm Fans (77 CFM Each)
    • Eight 5.25" and One 3.5" Internal Drive Bays
    • 19" x 8.75" x 27"
    • 77 lbs. Weight
    • Locking Drive Bay Door

    600-R2051 - 19 Inch Rack Mount Enclosure

    • 1200 W power Supply
    • Four Hot Swappable 90mm Fans (77 CFM Each)
    • Three 5.25" and One 3.5" Internal Drive Bays
    • 19" x 7" x 27"
    • 50 lbs Weight
    • Locking Drive Bay Door
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    E-mail: information@cyclone.com  

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