600-2703 System: Sixteen-Slot PCI Express Expansion System
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600-2704 Datasheet
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Cyclone Microsystems' PCI Express Expansion System allows system developers to expand one host PCI Express slot to seven additional PCI Express Slots via a x8 (20Gb/s) cable. This enables the couplng of cost-effective enterprise host PCs with high bandwidth, peer-to-peer capable I/O subsystems.

The PCI Express Expansion System includes a host bus cable adapter, an expansion cable, and an expansion backplane mounted in an industrial 19-inch chassis. The PCIe-408 is a PCI Express x8 Host Bus Adapter that bridges from the host bus to an x8 expansion cable of either one or three meters. The cable connects to the PCIe-414 Expansion Backplane. The PCIe-414 provides an additional seven slots for PCI Express I/O and Embedded Computing boards. The seven slots are configured as three x8 (20Gbs/s) slots, and four x4 (10 Gbs/s) Slots. The PCI Express Expansion Backplane supports a forty eight lane non-blocking switch fabric which features Quality of Service prioritization, and end-to-end data integrity.

The PCIe-414 Expansion Backplane is mounted in the 600-2060 Expansion Chassis, a 19-inch rack mounted chassis that is specifically designed to support the maximum power loads of seven full-length PCI Express boards.

600-2704 Block Diagram

600-2704 Block Diagram

PCIe-408: Host Bus to PCIe x8 Expansion Cable Adapter

  • PCI Express x8 Host Interface
  • PCI Express Bridge to x8 Cable
  • PCI Express Low Profile Card Format
  • Host Processor and Operating Systems Agnostic

PCIe-414: PCI Express Expansion Backplane

  • x8 Upstream Port
    • x8 PCI Express Cable Interface from Host
    • One or Three Meter Cable from Host
  • Seven PCI Express Downstream Ports
    • Three x8 PCI Express Slots
    • Four x4 PCI Express Slots using x8 connectors
  • 48 Lane PCI Express Switches supporting:
    • Transparent Bridging for Peer-to-Peer Communications
    • Non-Blocking Switch Fabric
    • Data Integrity
    • Quality of Service
  • ATX Form Factor

2060 - 19 Inch Rack Mount Enclosure

  • 4U Height and 22 Inch Depth
  • Seven Full Length PCI Express Ports
  • Three 5.25 Inch External Drive Bays
  • Two 3.5 Inch Internal Drive Bay
  • Locking Drive Bay Door
  • 180 CFM Chassis Cooling
  • 650 Watt Power Supply 100-240 VAc, 47-63 Hz Power Input
  • Regulatory Compliance - UL, CE Safety, FCC Emission
  • 600-2704 Seven Slot PCI Express Expansion System Datasheet

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