PCIe2-460 PCI Express Gen2 Expansion Backplane
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  • Description

    Cyclone Microsystems' PCIe2-460 Dual-Host, Eight Slot PCI Express Expansion Backplane allows system developers to expand two host PCI Express Gen2 slot to eight additional PCI Express Gen2 slots via two Gen2 x16 (80 Gb/s) PCI Express Expansion Cables. Alternatively, the two cables can be connected to separate host PCs, providing four x16 PCIe expansion slots per host PC. The eight x16 PCIe slots are double-width spacing, providing ample room for eight full length, double-wide PCIe cards such as the latest generation GPUs. The backplane is optionally supported by an Intelligent Expansion Chassis Monitor to report temperature, fan speed and power supply parameters via HTTP or SNMP.


  • Dual Gen2 x16 Upstream Ports

    • Two x16 PCI Express Cable Interfaces
    • Support for Dual Hosts
    • One or Three Meter Cable to Host


    Eight x16 Gen2 PCIe Expansion Slots

    • Full x16 Gen2 PCIe Slots (80 Gb/s)
    • Double Width Spacing Supporting Eight GPUs


    Two 80 Lane PCI Express Switches Supporting

    • Peer-to-Peer Communications
    • Non-Blocking Switch Fabric
    • Data Integrity
    • Quality Service
    • Intelligent Expansion Chassis Monitor Slot


  • PCIe2-2711 Block Diagram

    PCIe2-2711 Block Diagram

  • PCIe2-460 Documentation is part of the PCIe2-2711 Expansion System Manual : PCIe2-2711 User's Manual
  • Call: 203.786.5536
    E-mail: information@cyclone.com  

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