Development / Production
From VoIP to SS-7 Gateways, Cyclone Microsystems develops and produces complex embedded systems for demanding applications. For one telecommunications systems vendor, Cyclone Microsystems has deployed our board level Compact PCI based communications processors and processing blades in a NEBS Level III certified telecommunications systems. These SS-7 gateways have been deployed around with world as a critical component of AIN and Diameter services for both wire line and cellular networks. Our systems are currently installed and supported in the world's most advanced networks including those of AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, Qwest, Virgin Mobile, Cox. Internationally, they are deployed in Brazil, India, Israel, Norway, Belgium, Switzerland, Taiwan, and Canada.

Each system development has unique technical, programmatic, production and sustaining engineering challenges. Our 22 year history of successful system development, integration, and deployment can be swiftly deployed toward your unique challenge.


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