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  • Ultra320 SCSI Interface
    • 68 Pin VHDCI on Front Panel
    • Internal ARM Processor
    • Backward Compatible with Fast, Ultra, Ultra2, and Ultra160 standards
  • PCI-X Interface
    • 133 MHz
    • Backward Support for PCI at 33 and 66 MHz
  • Flash and Serial ROM to store BIOS and PCI Configuration Information
  • Software Drivers
    • Windows
    • Linux 2.4


The PMC Module provides I/O expansion and flexibility by allowing customers to add a wide range of I/O interfaces to Cyclone's PCI and CompactPCI products. Cyclone's CompactPCI cards support one or two modules on a board. Designers can mix and match standard and custom modules to meet unique I/O requirements.

The PMC Module is an IEEE standard (IEEE 1386). The standard uses the PCI bus as an electrical foundation, providing 32-and 64-bit transfers at 33 MHz clock speeds. The PMCX-63 supports PCI-X operation up to 133 MHz. Its is backward compatible with PCI standard 33 and 66 MHz speeds.

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