PMC 60
Call: 203.786.5536


  • Dual 10/100BaseTx Ports
    • Intel 82559 MACS
    • Both Ports support by DMA channels and Auto sense 10 or 100 Mbit Network Rate
    • RJ-45 Connectors on the Front Panel
    • Status LEDS
  • 32-bit, 33 MHz Enhanced PMC Interface
    • Compatible only with Cyclone I/O processors boards with enhanced PMC electrical signals to support multiple PMC/ PCI agents


The PMC Module provides I/O expansion and flexibility by allowing customers to add a wide range of I/O interfaces to Cyclone's CompactPCI products. Cyclone's PCI and CompactPCI cards support one or two modules on a board. Designers can mix and match standard and custom modules to meet unique I/O requirements.

The PMC Module is an IEEE standard (IEEE 1386). The standard uses the PCI bus as an electrical standard, providing 32-and 64-bit transfers at 33 MHz clock speeds. For the PMC-60, Cyclone has augmented the standard to support more than one PCI agent on a PMC Module without the need for a PCI-PCI bridge. Thus, this particular Module requires a superset of PMC signals from the host board compared to a standard PMC and is thus only compatible with host providing the additional PCI select lines to the PMC connectors. This is the only Cyclone PMC module with this unique requirement.

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