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  • PowerPC 8540 Processor
    • 833 MHz Core Processor
    • 256 Kbytes L2 Cache Memory
    • Up to 1 Gb DDR SDRAM at 333 MHz
  • Power QUICC III 8560 Processor
    • 833 MHz Core Processor
    • 333 MHz Communication Processor
    • 256 KBytes L2 Cache Memory
    • Up to 1 Gb DDR SDRAM at 333 MHz
  • Four Ethernet Ports
  • Four T1/E1 Ports
    • Programmable as Either TDM or ATM
  • Eight Mbytes Flash
  • PCI-X 100 MHz Interprocessor Bus
  • Compact PCI Hot Swap Capable
  • Software
    • Breeze Development Environment
    • VxWorks BSP
    • Linux LSP
  • Regulatory Certification
    • UL/CUL/CE Mark
    • NEBS Level III Compliant
    • RoHS Compliant
  • CPCI-825 Data Sheet

CPCI 825

CPCI 825

The CPCI-825 is a CompactPCI form factor, blade-style communications processor designed for demanding telecommunications and protocol processing applications. THe Board boasts a two processor solution, PowerPC 8540 Processor and a Power QUICC III Communications. The Blade Provides four Gigabit Ethernet ports (two to each processor) and four T1/E1 interfaces. The T1/E1 interfaces can be run in TDM (Time Division Multiplex) mode or ATM mode.

The CPCI-825 is supported by Cyclone's Breeze Development Environment, an LSP for Linux 2.6, and a BSP for Wind River System's VxWorks/Tornado.

The CPCI-825 has been certified to the demanding NEBs Level 3 requirements when installed in Cyclone Microsystem's the three-slot, dual AC powered Compact PCI 600-2014 chassis or the three-slot, dual DC powered, Compact PCI 600-2015 chassis.

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