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  • AMCC PowerPC 440GP Microprocessor
    • 400 MHz Core
    • 32 kbyte Instruction and Data Cache
  • Dual 10/100BaseT Ethernet PCI-X Primary and Secondary Buses
  • PMC Module Location
  • Up to 1 Gbyte of DDR SDRAM
  • Eight Mbytes of Flash ROM
  • Serial Console Port
  • CompactPCI 2.0 Rev 3.0 featuring Hot Swap Support
  • Software Support


The CPCI-820 is a Compact PCI Host board featuring the IBM PowerPC 440GP, a fast memory subsystem, a PMC Module Location, and Hot Swap support. The CPCI-820 is an ideal cornerstone of a Compact PCI system with its, effective processor, fast busses, and I/O flexibility. PMC modules can support functions like Dual Gigabit Ethernet, Ultra320 SCSI, ATM OC-12, and custom modules for support of unique high speed I/O.

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