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  • Motorola 8240 Power PC
    • 250 MHz Core
    • 16 Kbyte Instruction Cache
    • 16 Kbyte Data Cache
  • Two E1-ATM Interfaces
    • Dual 75 Ohm BNC Connectors per Interface
  • 64 Mbytes SDRAM
  • Compact PCI Peripheral Interface
    • PICMG 2.1
    • 33 MHz/64 bit
    • Hot Swap Support
  • Two Mbytes FLASH ROM
  • Serial Console Port
  • Operating System Support
  • Temperature Sensors
  • NEBS Level III Certified

CPCI 817

CPCI 817

The CPCI-817 is a Intelligent Dual E1-ATM Interface board that is applied in advanced telecommunications systems. The CPCI-817 supports Intelligent I/O processing on E1-ATM traffic by performing ATM cell segmentation and reassembly with the additional available intelligence to perform I/O processing on the data stream. This processing capability removes the I/O processing burden from the host processor.

Both the Breeze Development Environment and pSOS+ are supported.

The CPCI-817 is actively deployed in Cyclone's 2400 Series of Front End Processors, a system level platform that is heavily used in SS-7 and AIN telecommunications applications.

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