Advanced telecommunication services and carrier competition requires that a telephone number is no longer linked to linked to a physical address. Prior to completing a call, a switch needs to access a database to look up the carrier, the provisioning, and other information which will ultimately determine where the switch routes the connection. This "look up" capability allows local number portability, call following, and other complex provisioning services. The switch requires a guaranteed fast reply from the servers or the call will hang up and re-initiate the call.

Cyclone Microsystems' Front End Processor (FEPs) systems are a component of a complex telecommunication system integrated by Telcordia, IBM, or Nokia to provide advanced services to land line and cellular telecommunication service providers. Our FEPs sit between the switch and database servers providing communications and reliability for the switches call provision inquiries and the subsequent database replies. This SS7 gateway role supports multiple physical interfaces including Ethernet, High Speed Serial, E1, T1, ATM-E1 and ATM-T1.


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