ZeroCopy TCP/IP Protocol Stack

  • TCP
  • UDP
  • IPv4
  • Address Resolution Protocol
  • Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
  • Support for Cyclone's PCIe express, PCI, Compact PCI and PMC Intelligent I/O Controllers
  • Supported OS
    • VxWorks 5.5
    • Stand Alone with Breeze Development Environment

The ZeroCopy TCP/IP protocol stack is a highly optimized stack for fast, efficient communications. Many embedded systems, such as Voice over IP/RTP, Real Time Data Acquisition, and Instrumentation have a requirement of high bandwidth throughput with small UDP or IP Packet sizes. The small packet sizes become a major liability in embedded systems due to the high processing rates needed to sustain the packet traffic.

This problem is addressed by Cyclone's ZeroCopy TCP/IP Protocol Stack, an effective stack that supports Ethernet MAC hardware checksum acceleration, and a true zero copy architecture - negating the need for performance reducing memory buffer moves.

Cyclone's ZeroCopy Protocol Stack is designed for use on Cyclone Microsystems' hardware in embedded/stand alone or VxWorks 5.5 based systems. It is not a universal OS TCP/IP accelerator.

The ZeroCopy software is functionally dependent on Cyclone's Breeze Development firmware for low level functions calls. Consequently, the ZeroCopy Stack is solely offered as a component of Cyclone Microsystems' PCI-750, PCI-740, PCI-739 GbE IOPs featuring the XScale IOP332, 331, 321 processors respectively. Also supported are Cyclone's GbE PMC modules (PMC-X 65, and PMC-X 85) hosted on our XScale based Compact PCI boards like the CPCI-713.

A PCI-740 based XScale IOP331 based GbE Condtroller at 667 MHz linked via Ethernet to a 3.0 GHz Xeon running Windows XP has demonstrated 925 Mbit/s UDP and 711 Mbit/s TCP performance using 1500 byte packets. Alternate packet size benchmarks run on request.

Zero Copy

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