600-2705 System: Seven-Slot PCI Express Expansion System
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600-2705 Datasheet
pdf manual 600-2705 User's Manual



Cyclone Microsystems' PCI Express Expansion System allows system developers to expand one host PCI Express Gen 1 or Gen 2 slot to seven additional PCI Express Slots via a x8 (20Gb/s) Gen 1 PCI Express Expansion cable. This enables the couplng of cost-effective enterprise host PCs with high bandwidth, peer-to-peer capable I/O subsystems.

The PCI Express Expansion System includes a host bus cable adapter, an expansion cable, and an expansion backplane mounted in an industrial 19-inch chassis. The PCIe-425 is a PCI Express x8 Host Bus Adapter that use low latency bus repeaters to bridge from the host bus to an x8 expansion cable of either one or three meters. The cable connects to the PCIe-414 Expansion Backplane. The PCIe-414 provides an additional seven slots for PCI Express I/O and Embedded Computing boards. The seven slots are configured as three x8 Gen 1 (20Gbs/s) slots, and four x4 Gen 1 (10 Gbs/s) Slots. The PCI Express Expansion Backplane supports a forty eight lane non-blocking switch fabric which features Quality of Service prioritization, and end-to-end data integrity.

The 600-2705 was specifically developed to satisfy low latency system requirements such as advanced audio processing and digital audio workstations.

The PCIe-414 Expansion Backplane is mounted in the 600-2060 Expansion Chassis, a 19-inch rack mounted chassis that is specifically designed to support the maximum power loads of seven full-length PCI Express boards.

NOTE: The former PCIe-409 HBA in this configuration has been superceded by the Gen 2 Host compatible PCIe-425.

600-2705 Block Diagram

600-2705 Block Diagram

PCIe-425: Host Bus to PCIe Expansion Cable Adapter

  • PCI Express Gen 1 or Gen 2 x8 Host Interface Adapter
  • Low Latency PCI Express Repeaters to x8 Gen 1 Expansion Cable
  • Host Processor and Operating System Independent
  • Standard Height Face Panel
  • RoHS Compliant

PCIe-414: PCI Express Expansion Backplane

  • x8 Upstream Port
    • x8 PCI Express Cable Interface from Host
    • One or Three Meter Cable from Host
  • Seven PCI Express Downstream Ports
    • Three x8 PCI Express Slots
    • Four x4 PCI Express Slots using x8 connectors
  • Two 48 Lane PCI Express Switches supporting:
    • Non-Transparent Bridging for Peer-to-Peer Communications
    • Non-Blocking Switch Fabric
    • Data Integrity
    • Quality of Service
  • ATX Form Factor

2060 - 19 Inch Rack Mount Enclosure

  • 4U Height and 22 Inch Depth
  • Seven Full Length PCI Express Ports
  • Three 5.25 Inch External Drive Bays
  • Two 3.5 Inch Internal Drive Bay
  • Locking Drive Bay Door
  • 180 CFM Chassis Cooling
  • 650 Watt Power Supply 100-240 VAc, 47-63 Hz Power Input
  • Regulatory Compliance - UL, CE Safety, FCC Emission
  • 600-2705 Seven Slot PCI Express Expansion System Datasheet

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