CM 220
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  • Mellanox 24 port 4X Infiniband Switch
    • 480 Gb/s Total Switching Bandwidth
    • Non-Blocking, Low Latency Switching - (less than 200 nano sec)
    • Integrated Subnet Management Agent
    • Hardware Credit Based Link Level Flow Control
    • Hardware CRC Checking and Generation
  • Nine 4X ports (10Gb/s) on backplane or Three 12X (30Gb/s) ports or any combination on 12X connectors on end panel
  • LED Status for every port
  • I2C Configuration and System Management Interface
  • Power consumption
    • 22 Watts Maximum
    • 18 Watts Typical
  • Power Ramp Circuitry allowing live insertion and removal
  • Customer Specific Form Factor
    • Dimensions 15.120" x 11.734"
  • CM-220 PDF Data Sheet

CM 200

The CM-220 is an Infiniband Switch Blade with 24 ports of 4X (10 Gbits/s) Interfaces enabling an architecture of 240 Gbits/s of concurrent data transmissions. Up to 18 of the 4X interfaces can be grouped to run as six 12X interfaces (30 Gb/s).

The Infiniband interfaces are split between the front end panel and the backplane. The CM-220 also includes hot plug power ramp circuitry to allow the board to be removed or installed while system power is live.

This Infiniband Switch Blade is a customer-specific product and is an example of Cyclone Microsystem's ability to architect, execute, and produce advanced products for complex embedded systems.

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