New Products from Cyclone Microsystems

May, 2012
PCIe2-2011 Cyclone ships new 160 Gb/s Expansion Systems targeted at I/O GPU processing

March, 2012
PCIe2-2709 Cyclone ships High PCIe2 Expasnion Systems with 16 slots and redundant power supply options up to 3240W.

January, 2012
600-2810 Cyclone upgrades High Reliability Telecommunication Server with Dual Quad-Core Xeon Processors.

November, 2011
PCIe2-2710 Cyclone ship High End GPU expansion Systems with 4U/1200W or 5U/2180W and 3240W N+1 Power Options.

October, 2011
PCIe2-437 Cyclone ships customer specifi PCIe Backplane.











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